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The Process

Step by Step Process when choosing Roof Maxx

When a customer inquires about a Roof Maxx treatment, Triple R does things a little bit differently than a typical roofer to make sure that Roof Maxx is the is right option for you. Once we meet for a consultation, we will ask about your situation with your current home and also about your future plans to better understand what you would like to get out your roof and provide you with the best solution. From there, we will climb up on the roof for an inspection.

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The Inspection

We will climb up on the roof and inspect the condition of the shingles. We will move to different areas of the roof to make sure all section had adequate shingle quality. We will also go around a check all those leak prone areas to determine if any additional work would be needed prior to treat.

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Once you have all the information and choose Roof Maxx, we will schedule a time to complete the tune-up work and treatment

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The Day of the Job

Once the tune-up work is complete, we will water down all surrounding areas to protect oxidized property from getting cleaned with over spray. From there the treatment will start.

The Process: Video
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