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Why Choose Us!

To keep your home safe and looking its best, it's vital to have a secure roof. When a roof is old or damaged, you should never put off contacting a roofing contractor because it could lead to more problems, such as excess moisture, mold, and leaks.
Always contact a professional right away to schedule an inspection. A contractor will assess the damage and make recommendations to correct the issues.
If you're looking for a Littlestown, PA, roofing company to help you with your roof, consider hiring Triple R Roofing. We're knowledgeable and trustworthy and believe in providing excellent service to make our customers happy.
Please continue reading to learn more about how our roofing contractors can help you with your next roof repairs or replacement today!

Roofing Services

At Triple R Roofing, we offer various services in Littlestown, PA 17340, Hanover, PA 17331, and most of Adams County. We also serve Northern Maryland.
If you live in any of the areas mentioned above and need roofing services, trust Triple R Roofing to get the job done. Whether you need a new roof or roof repair, we can assist you with fixing all the damage.

Roofer Littlestown, PA
Roof Repair Littlestown, PA

Roofing Repair Services


Storm damage can ruin your roof by wearing it down and ripping away its asphalt shingles. Additionally, hail damage can weaken your roof and cause other issues.
If your house is left in ruins after a storm and missing shingles, you will need a professional roofer to assess the damage and create a plan to complete the necessary repairs.
Our locally owned roofing company knows how brutal the PA weather can be and is more than happy to provide roofing repairs to homeowners. We will contact a homeowner's insurance company and speak with licensed public adjusters. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our work.

Roofing Replacement Services​

Roof replacements are necessary when you have an old roof or your roof is severely damaged beyond repair. When you need a new roof, putting off roof replacement can lead to severe consequences and create more issues. If you need your roof replaced, don't fret because Triple R Roofing is here to help.

We offer roof replacement services to homeowners in south-central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Our contractors will replace the whole roofing system with high-quality materials to ensure that your home is functioning as it should. Trust us with your next project because we'll ensure that each roof shingle is installed with care by our roofers.

Roof Installation Littlestown, PA
Metal Roof Littlestown, PA

Additional Work and  Services


We also provide additional services besides roofing. We do home improvement exterior work on houses. Our workmanship is unparalleled, and we're confident you'll love your home after we're done.

Siding Services​

Storms don't only damage your roof; they can also damage your home's siding—harsh winds, rain, and hail harm siding by creating holes, chips, and cracks. Also, storms can cause the siding to become warped and bent, allowing excess water and moisture into the crevasse. Left unchecked, the excess moisture can quickly turn into mold and mildew.
After a storm hits, don't put off getting your siding repaired and replaced. Triple R is experienced in installing new siding to help your home recover after a storm. Don't trust amateurs to install siding because they could cause more harm than good.
Leave the job to the professionals. As a roofing business that services the Littlestown, PA community, we can fix the storm damage safely to ensure all excess moisture is taken care of indefinitely.

Siding near Littlestown, PA
Roof Cleaning Littlestown, PA

Roof Cleaning Services


Perhaps your roof is beginning to display black streaks and algae growth. These growths can make your roof look dingy and uninviting. Additionally, over time the plant life can eat away at your asphalt shingles, weakening your roofing system. If left untreated, your gutters or drip edge could even be affected, making them unable to function correctly.
When you start to see algae and other plant life growing on your roof, it's recommended that you get it removed right away. Triple R Roofing Company provides roof cleaning services to help keep fungi from taking over your roof. Our roofers have no problem removing the pesky plant life for a rooftop that looks brand new.

Roof Design Services​


Who says that roofing has to be boring or mundane? Give your house a facelift with new Atlas shingles! Triple R Roofing offers various color choices and materials. Your home can look newer and revitalized with the right shingles.

Once you see the work completed, you'll love how your new roof looks. Unsure of how the shingles will look on your home? Try out our QuickView option on our website. It will allow you to instantly upload a photo of your home to see how Atlas shingles will look on the house.

Additionally, sample homes on our website will show you how the shingles could look on different home styles. Discover how the shingles could look on each house style, including:

Victorian, Craftsman, Neo-Traditional, New American, Ranch, Cape Cod, Traditional, Farmhouse

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Littlestown, PA
roofing contractor Littlestown, PA

Multi-Family and Commercial Services


We don't only serve homeowners in Littlestown, PA, 17340. We also provide roofing services for multifamily homes and commercial properties. We can help you with your roofing needs if you own a PA business.

Our roofing contractors install new roofs for businesses and can work with you to help ensure the job gets done quickly. Storm damage is no problem because we have the knowledge to repair your Littlestown, PA, commercial property and get it back in shape.
Triple R contractors gladly work with PA business owners and will help with planning and budgeting future roof replacement. This way, you will have peace of mind when it comes to installing your next new roof. Rest assured that our commitment to our customers comes first, so your company is in good hands when you trust us for all your roofing needs.

Why Choose our Roofing Contractors?​

One of the things that make our Littlestown, PA, roofing company stand out from the rest is our reliable contractors. Customer reviews will inform you of how dedicated our roofers are to providing excellent services. Contact us today for an estimate on roofing services.

Highly Recommended


Our company continues to receive raving reviews because we only do top-notch work. At Triple R Roofing, each roofer strives to please. We only use the best materials to ensure your roofing system is safe and works efficiently.

Roof Replacement Bonneauville, PA
Best Roofer Littlestown, PA

Amazing Reviews


Still on the fence about hiring our roofing company? Our Customers in Littlestown, PA, and Adams County will tell you how happy they are with our Hanover and Littlestown, PA, work.
Read some testimonials and reviews on our website and check out the pictures of our previous roofing projects. Once you see our amazing work, we're sure you'll be ready to call us for an estimate.



Each roofing contractor is a proud member of the PA community and has strong ties to the people they serve. Whether you live in Hanover, PA, 17331, or Littlestown, PA, 17340, our roofing contractors are more than happy to assist you.  We are very supportive of our local school systems and sports teams!

Roofer Littlestown, PA

Commitment to Quality Roofing


Each roofing contractor is professional and committed to giving you what you want. A Triple R Roofing contractor will work with any licensed public adjuster in the area to help get work approved by your insurance company. Rest assured that each Littlestown, PA repair is handled with equal attention and care.

Reasonable Prices


Another benefit of hiring a Littlestown, PA, Triple R Roofing contractor is that we strive to work with nearly any budget. No need to break the bank when you need a roof or interior work done because our services are reasonably priced for the average PA citizen.
Reach out to our team today to find out how we can save you money. You'll be happy you gave Triple R Roofing a try.



Many roofing companies will leave debris and nails in your yard and driveway. You never need to worry about this happening with our company because our roofers always clean up after they are done. We guarantee we'll have your lawn and driveway cleaned before leaving your property.

roof repair Bonneauville, PA

The Best Roofing Contractor Services in PA — Contact Us for a Free Estimate Today!


Trust Triple R for your next roofing project; we guarantee you will be pleased with our work. We strive to provide quality work at a reasonable cost and are eager to make our customers happy. Reach out to us today!

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