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Residential Roofing Experts

Are you thinking about getting a new roof? Have you done your research on finding a company that will be able to provide you with the right solution to meet your needs? If you are reading this now, you have come to the right place! Whether you have a small one-story home or a multi-story property, we've got the equipment and knowledge for the job. Shingle, Metal, Copper or Slate... You are in the right place!


Triple R Roofing has invested time and money into making sure we are leaders in the roofing industry by providing multiple roofing replacement solutions with different manufacturers as well as new technology like Roof Maxx (Roof Rejuvenation!) to make sure that you have multiple options to choose from.

We offer full roofing consultation and free estimates ranging from shingle roof, metal roof, flat roofing and roof repairs. We will sit down with you to see what your situation and budget are for your project and tailor the project to fit your needs.


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Property Protection

Installing a new roof is only one important aspect of our job. Protect what is already on your property is just as important. We will map out a plan to protect your property including your landscaping, driveway, siding, patio areas, air cooling units and other important parts of your property. Once complete, we will sweep the area for nails and other roofing materials.

Roof Replacement Hanover, PA
Roof Replacements: Headliner
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Parts of a Shingle Roof Replacement
  1. After tearing off the old roof, we will inspect the existing DECKING to see if there is any water damage. If there is damage, we will take pictures and provide them to the homeowner for approval to remove

  2. The first thing that gets installed is ICE & WATER SHIELD along with the DRIP EDGE. Installed along the eaves and around all exposures, this prevent the decking from getting damaged in the winter time from ice damming. 

  3. After the ice & water is installed, the remainder of the roof gets covered with UNDERLAYMENT to protect the remaining decking.

  4. Once the roof is initially protected, a STARTER SHINGLE will be installed at both the eaves as well as the rakes. This will increase the strength of the shingles at the edge of the roofs to prevent shingle blow-off. 

  5. Now we are on to installing the ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLES that will cover the entire roof. The shingles are installed in a stepped fashion with 6 inches in-between cuts. Each shingle will receive the recommended amount of nails per the manufacturer.

  6. At the top of the roof, ventilation is needed to allow the attic to cool in the summer time. A 2 inch gap is cut in the decking and then a RIDGE VENT is installed to allow air to escape without letting weather in.

  7. Lastly, we need to protect the ridge vent from the elements. We will install a specifically designed RIDGE CAP that is designed to bend over the ridge vent.

Triple R Services

Triple R Roofing and Siding provides roof installation services to York, PA and surrounding areas.  We also provide roof repairs as well as emergency roofing services to the York, PA area.  We have trained professionals ready to help with replacements, repairs, installations.  We will work with insurance companies so you don't have the hassle.  We also provide workmanship warranties above and beyond the warranties available from the providers.  Triple R Roofing is the #1 roofer in York, PA!

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