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How Do You Know if Your Roof was Damaged After a Storm in York, PA?

On average, house roofs are designed to last for at least 20 to 30 years. After this period has passed, as a homeowner, you will likely need to replace the roof. Thankfully, this gives you ample time to save and put money aside for this.

Despite the best efforts to maintain your roofing in York, PA, there is no telling what a severe storm might do to your beloved home, and one of the most vulnerable parts is the roof. The weather can be unpredictable; sometimes storms will pass through, and unfortunately, there is no prevention.

Looking for the Signs of Roof Damage

Once the storm has died down and you can go and assess your home, you will need to look for telltale signs of roof damage caused by a storm; below are but a few. If you are comfortable and able, climb onto your roof to help better assess the conditions before you ultimately look for a roofing contractor in York, PA.

Damaged Shingles

Other things can cause this, but your roofer in York, PA will tell you the most likely culprit is hail, which can dent, crack, or even break holes in your roof. Wind can also cause damage to shingles.

Shingle Granule Debris

Asphalt shingles' surfaces have a layer of granules to protect your roof from UV rays. These granules erode over time, but bad storms can lead to severe wear. Contact a roofing company in York, PA to see if your shingles need replacing.

Leaking in Your Attic or From the Ceiling

Leaks may be immensely noticeable, especially if water is dripping from your ceiling when it rains. Alternatively, it may be more subtle, such as small collections of water or moisture, which can lead to mold and the rotting of wood.

Discovering the Cause of the Damage

Different weather elements, ranging in severity based on your state, can lead to various levels of damage to your roof. Identifying the causes will help inform you of the costs to expect when it comes to roof repair in York, PA.


Most storms include moderate to severe winds. Moderate wind can cause minor damage, but strong winds can tear off your entire roofing in York, PA.


Hail can fall in sizes that range from as small as a pea and sometimes larger than an adult's fist. Regardless of the size, hail may dimple, dent, and put holes in your roof. These storms generally pass quickly, and you should get roof repair in York, PA as soon as they do.


If whole tree branches fall onto your roof, you are not likely to miss that, but plenty of debris, dirt, and other gritty matter gets tossed about during storms. These can pile up on your roof and lead to substantial issues that must be resolved by a roofing company in York, PA.


When it rains, we don't often think of calling a roofing contractor in York, PA, to come out and inspect our rooftop. However, if water fails to drain off your roof, it could cause sagging. The water may then leak into the attic and come through the ceiling.

Calling in the Roofing Experts

You will need an inspection done by a roofer in York, PA, where the contractor will assess the damage and quote you for the job. The best ones will assist with repairs or replacements and ensure you are better equipped for the future.

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