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Triple Tips: 3 Common causes of leaks

No one ever wants a leak in their house. There are many reasons a roof might leak which include roof failure, improper installation, manufacture defect or the incorrect materials were installed. Here are the 3 most common leaks:

Plumbing vent boots! You know those white pipes that stick out of your roof? Those are plumbing vent boots and most contractor install cheap flashing kits that only last about 10 years before the rubber gaskets around the pipe start to dry-rot. This is the #1 cause of a leak in a home. The fix? Call Triple R and we will come out and install a new gasket. If a contractor says they need to replace the entire flashing kit, ask to see pictures and also get a second opinion.

The 2nd most common leak is due to missing shingles. This one is very straight forward. You roof is missing a shingle or many shingles most likely due to the seal tabs failing and high wind catching under the shingle and blowing it off. This will leave nails (and the penetrations they leave) exposed to the elements. These shingles need to be replaced immediate to protect the decking below. You should also ask your contractor about getting a Roof Maxx treatment to reactive the seal tabs and increase flexibility to help prevent future wind blow-off.

The 3 most common leak is flashing at a chimney is breaking down due to an incorrect installation. Most roofing contractors do not take the extra time to properly install flashing as it involves cutting the metal to go in a step fashion with the brick on the chimney and also grind the mortar out of the chimney so the flashing can be tucked into the joint. A lot of contractors will just slap the flashing against the chimney at an angle and use a lot of caulk. Usually around 10 years that caulk starts to fail. We can temporarily fix this by re-sealing the flashing, but to ensure a longer seal, more proper seal, the chimney flashing should be removed and new flashing should be installed properly.

For more information on common causes of leaks, check out

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