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What Type of Roofing is Typically Used on Flat Roofs?

Flat roofs are common in commercial buildings and have advantages for these types of buildings. While they may not seem like they need a lot of work, flat roofs require a high level of skill to get the best results. And when this is responsible for protecting everything within your building, you'll want to ensure you work with only the best roofing company in York, PA.

Roofing contractors in York, PA that specialize in flat installations are the best choice for any commercial property owner. But even once you choose your contractors, what materials should you look for?

Doug Meckley-co-owner of Triple R Roofing on the job in York, PA. Triple R Roofing specialized in all types of roofing systems including flat roofs.

Let's go through some of the flat roofing materials used by roofers in York County, PA, on commercial buildings.

Rubber Membrane

The rubber membrane is one of the cheapest and easiest flat roof installations. It involves a roofer in York, PA holding down a rubber membrane with glue, rocks, or fasteners. You might confuse it with a built-up roof because the result looks the same, but this one uses large stones rather than gravel like in built-up roofs.

Modified Bitumen

This type of roof needs five layers, with the first as insulation and the top as a finishing coat. It has a lot of work and requires expertise and patience from a professional roofing company in York, PA to install it correctly. Even so, the modified bitumen roof is highly durable and easy on the eyes.


Roofing contractors in York, PA can use polyurethane foam to spray as the base layer and finish with a waterproof elastomeric topcoat layer. The spray-on roof solution is flexible and durable, making it one of the highest-priced flat roof solutions.


Concrete is a common flat roof material because it is easy to install and maintain. However, most people are concerned about the porous nature of the concrete, making it easier for water to seep through.

Green Roof System

Green roofs are not a good fit for every building, but the beautiful view makes it a roof everyone would want. You need to hire a professional roofer in York, PA, to tell you whether your roof can accommodate living plants before you install it.


Metals like zinc, copper, and aluminum are some materials you can use for flat systems. Many roofers in York County, PA, recommend aluminum as the best one because of its malleability. However, metal roofing in York, PA, is more susceptible to denting from falling tree branches and hail.


As the name suggests, roofers will build this housetop with gravel and textured tar until it is complete. It is an easy-to-maintain type of housetop and will not dent your pockets. However, it is not as energy efficient.

Thermoplastic Membrane

There are two options here: thermoplastic olefin (TPO) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The former is eco-friendly, and the latter is sturdy and flexible. The material is energy efficient, affordable, and durable.

Flat roofs are not only for commercial properties. They are a part of many residential houses.


There are many options for flat roofing in York, PA. All you need is the right flat roof contractors to help you identify which one is the best option for you and fix it perfectly. With the right team and materials, you can guarantee a successful project for your roofing in York, PA.


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