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Hanover, Gettysburg, York, Westminster & Baltimore: A Plan For You

Triple R is here to help save business owners and communities tens of thousands of dollars by providing the option that is best for you. We provide a roof consultations on whether to replace or to not only extend the life of your roofs, but to also prepare you for when it is time to replace. Budgeting for roof replacements on a large scale is an enormous task and often overlooked as typically the roofing systems are the last capital expenditure to be addressed. We developed a customized plan based on the condition of your properties and the budget you have not just for one year but to budget for the long term.

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Roof Maxx is a popular option for HOA and properties managers because of two main reasons. First and foremost, it works, over 20 thousand roof treated, totaling over50 million square-feet. Roof Maxx has earned its stripes not only by independent studies conducted but by real-life results. Triple R loves to offer Roof Maxx because we are backed by this national company with over 600 locations averaging a 4.92 rating on Google which goes to show that we, like all other Roof Maxx dealers strive to treat our customers with 5-Star service.


If choosing to go with Roof Maxx, we will work with your business or community to make sure there is minimal disruption. With Roof Maxx there is no need to fear loud banging, dumpsters and debris everywhere. We will be able to adapt to your community to make sure there is minimal disruption and disturbance with your members and property. Roof Maxx can treat up to 40,000 square feet a day and at the end of each day nothing will be left at the work site.

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Watch how Jonathan Casilli, the Director of Construction with Novel Property Ventures, had numerous leaking 30 year old roofs and over a $1 million estimate for replacement. Discover how Roof Maxx became the perfect solution.

Sharon was looking to replace the roofs in her community until she found Roof Maxx and saved hundreds of thousands.

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Multi-Family / Commercial: Video
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